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Welcome to my website. Feel free to browse. I hope you are in the mood to read a good book. This is my Songs of the Heart Series:


 Count Your Blessings - Book three in the Songs of the Heart series is the story about the children of the characters in books one and two. Joanna has made some unwise choices. Although she learns valuable lessons, the remorse is great. While studying at Juilliard School of Music, she discovers her true calling is working with special needs children.
   Joanna's house burns to the ground and her mother is seriously injured. She turns to her neighbor, Jesse, for comfort, and he becomes her strongest support, but he longs to win her love. 
   A much needed vacation to the Gulf Coast ends in terror and tests her faith. Joanna keeps a gratitude journal and throughout her trials, she discovers hidden blessings.

Coming soon - Unclouded Day
                         (A Roaring Twenties Novel)
(My grandson has promised his own rendition of The Unclouded Day on piano for this site soon. He is a gifted musician, and I promise you will love it.)

This will be my first historical novel. It will start when Joanna, main character in Count Your Blessings, is cleaning out the attic of the old Victorian home she and Jesse bought in Franklin, Tennessee. She finds an old trunk full of fascinating antiques from the roaring twenties era. When she discovers a diary, she is taken back to a time of family secrets, love, and betrayal.
This book should be available around the first of 2014.
                                        Shelter In The Storm
Novel No. 2  -  Shelter In The Storm
Novel two - "Songs of the Heart"
When Sarah Jordan inherits a beach house on beautiful Dauphin Island in Mobile, Alabama, she encounters danger, romance, travel and suspense. Can she trust the talented, gorgeous new man in her life? How does she survive the greatest storm of all? Many surprising and wonderful life lessons unfold as we travel to Ft. Walton Beach, New Orleans, and the unique cite of Fairhope, Alabama. Enjoy a wedding in Fairhope's rose garden. Come along for the ride. You'll be glad you did!
Novel One - And Can It Be
"Songs of the Heart" series
This book takes the reader on a descriptive journey from the splendor of Colorado's Rocky Mountains to the glamour and sights of New York City, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria. The surprising events that unfold are filled with suspense, but will also delight

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